Da’esh (ISIS) is not very dissimilar to existing tyrannical entities in the region it uses the same tool others are using so efficiently and successfully. To allude to some of these entities I will only mention sectarianism, ban on women driving, violent islamic punishment of criminals (beheadings and limb amputation are very islamic punishments) and moral policing of citizens.
This resemblance to current states is only one reason for me to believe that it is more than just a possibility for ISIS to become a state, to me it has turned into a state creation process. The reason: the international coalition.
Past experiences have taught me that international “help” has only served to increase the violence, shape public opinion and move it more and more into the open arms of criminal jihadi movements and in time granting them legitimacy.
Sadly, I think the international coalition (part of which are tyrannical religious entities governing the Arab world today) will fail, in the words of Mr. Obama, to “degrade and destroy” ISIS or ISIL because a non-entity cannot be destroyed. It only becomes an entity after it survives.
Should that happen, ISIS will have an appeal with some deluded muslims that it survived the onslaught and succeeded in defending Islam. Next come negotiations with neighboring countries, and guess what, only states can negotiate with states.