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This is not a post about FCBarcelona’s ugly game against Real Madrid CF or that against AC Milan, though these were two of the worst games that I have seen this team play, nor is it about the team’s recent bad form. It is about a game that will be uglier and in my opinion far more insulting to what this great institution would like to stand for than a competitive match lost here or there. It is a game that is scheduled to be played in July of this year between Barca and a team of “israeli” and Palestinian players.

I am huge fan of FCBarcelona and their amazing football. I have enjoyed the magic for a long time now and I do feel that FCB is as its slogan goes: Mes Que Un Club (More than a club) but the way the club has approached this issue infringes greatly on that maxim and on what any sporting institution should stand for simply because it ignores a simple fact: The issue of Palestine is not that of two communities in need of dialogue, the issue of Palestine is that of occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing. Standing at an equal distance between the occupier and the occupied is a clear siding with the occupier.
It might be that FCB and its huge army of fans consider the initiative an opportunity for peace and a friendly that will help the communities bridge their differences but I can assure the club and its army that a different brutal and fully armed army and its state and occupation of Palestine are the main hindrance for the freedom of Palestine and Palestinians and peace.
Just to give 2 examples (of many) of the occupier’s infringements on the footballing scene in Palestine (and ignoring all other facets of life) the zionist entity:
  1. imprisoned Mahmoud Sarsak, a palestinian international football player, for 3 years without a trial and only released him in July 2012 after he went on hunger strike for 3 months and numerous calls for his release by the international community.
  2. During its recent attack on Gaza the IOF bombarded the Palestine Stadium where football matches are held in the Gaza strip (You can read about the attack here and here)


I am not YET asking FCB or any other european team to boycott teams from the zionist entity on a competitive level, as they should, all I will be asking of FCB for the next few months is to cancel this friendly match and say no to the occupier, its occupation of Palestine and continued violations of human rights. While I believe that a sporting boycott is warranted I am currently only asking FCBarcelona not to deal with the Occupier and the occupied on an equal footing and cancel this Ugly Game.
I want to suggest that you join me in my call… But the decision to do so completely your own.
Note (1): I do not speak on behalf of all Palestinians when I say that the collaboration of the Palestinian National Authority and its Football Association with this game does not make it any less ugly or any less biased.

Note (2): this article in Arabic states that the Palestinian FA has refused the idea of the game.

Note (3): This seems to be an ongoing coverage of a situation. In the most recent news about this Ugly Game, it seems the Palestinian FA has agreed to take part in the game and help whitewash the zionist crimes with the help of FC Barcelona. I wonder who got paid and how much? (Gibril Rujoub)

On this topic also read Abir Kopty’s recent blog post: برشلونة تمنح الاحتلال خدمة اما نحن فخدمتين


أنا من الناس المتابعين لكرة القدم بشدة. بحب اللعبة وحتى اني متابع لقصصها اللي تقريبا رح تخلينا ننسى اسباب حبنا للساحرة المستديرة و مهتمين اكثر بقصصها خارج الملعب اكثر من سحرها داخله

المهم اني امبارح وانا عم بستعد لحضور مباراة بروسيا دورتموند و ريال مدريد حضرت الاعلان التالي (مش لأول مرة):

في الاعلان في ناس اهم من ناس. اذا افترضنا انه الشهرة تبرر وجود اسماء اللاعبين اكبر من اي انسان شو اللي ببرر او بيسمح لأنسان يمشي و يركض ويلعب فوق البشر للحصول على رغبته في الحياة او في تلك اللحظة (علبة البيبسي في هذه الحالة) ؟

الى مصممين والمشاركين في هذا الاعلان و غيره والمشاركين في التسويق لفكرة انه في انسان اهم من انسان: من انتم؟!

Derbies are almost always interesting… This was more than interesting… This was EPIC!!

Though I am sad that Chelsea lost, this was an amazing game to watch as the two teams switched the lead and tied 3 times, the game was full of goals, chances and attacking play.

One has to admit that after Arsenal’s bad start to the season such an emphatic win in the Stamford Bridge was at best unlikely, yet the score line is more than fair especially considering Arsenal’s performance in the second half.

The following are a few points I have observed in the game about the two teams:


They have a new found fighting spirit that you could see today on the field. This fighting spirit may have only been there because the opponent and the nature of the match yet but I strongly believe that that is not the case.

The team has several defensive errors that Arsene Wenger has to remedy but the most glaring one of them is the apparent weakness in dead balls and crosses coming from the flanks. This is very strange considering that Arsenal has one of the tallest central defenders playing in the Premier League in Per Mertesacker. Chelsea’s first 2 goals came from a cross and a corner respectively and in both cases Per was the player closest to the scorer. This weakness might still be remedied especially with the comeback of Thomas Vermaelen from injury yet that remains to be seen.

Arsenal Have a great scorer, captain and leader in Robin Van Persie. Apart from scoring a hatrick, Robin was also constantly talking to teammates and directing offensive play. It remains to be seen if RvP will continue the amazing form he has recently found and has led him to the top of the League’s scorer’s list. But if he can maintain the form Arsenal’s will miss Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri much less than everybody thought they would.

Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Gervinho and Alex Song are all very strong and should provide the perfect support for RvP.


There is a lot of potential in this team starting with the depth of their team, the shrewdness of their coach and the experience of the on field leaders such as Frank Lampard and John Terry. Yet Chelsea is full of talent that is just not clicking. These include names like Fernando Torres who shines in a game and spends the next three being completely anonymous and Daniel Sturridge who seems to go missing on the field. Ramires, Ashley Cole, Malouda and Bosingwa all fall short on performance in my opinion as well.

The team lacked creativity down the middle and depended a lot on crosses and dead balls to capitalize on an obvious weakness in the Arsenal defence. Chelsea seemed to miss Drogba dearly today. Drogba’s physical power, vision, striker instinct and above all his passion for the club and team will make him almost impossible to replace in the Chelsea line-up.

Cheslsea’s backline is in bad shape!! I can’t even remember the last clean sheet Peter Cech has kept and the defensive mistakes made today were shameful for a team of Chelsea’s caliber. Villas Boas needs to fix his defense if he means to challenge for titles this season and he needs to fix it fast.

Juan Mata is an AMAZING signing!! But I never doubted that any anyway J (Mata was Chelsea’s best player along with Super Frank Lampard each with a goal and an assist to his name)

Hey readers: tell me what you think 🙂 Please post any comments on…

Khaled Al-Shihabi

All through dinner last night I had one thought in my mind despite the nice lady sitting next to me chatting: Oh NO!! I missed the Barca Game!!

That does not usually happen!!! most of the time i am in front of the screen waiting for the magic to start.

Barcelona has been doing wonders week in and week out since Josep Guardiola took over his position as manager. I try to watch every game because it is simply a joy to watch FC Barcelona play the way they do.

Recently everybody has been talking about how Barca make life difficult for themselves and how it has become easy to anticipate their plan and tactic for the game.

Last night Barca won by a very small margin by their standards a 1-0 against Granada. This scoreline has been rare in the past 3 years especially against teams in the bottom of the table. This scoreline comes at the back of an another rare and even harder result against another side from Andalusia, a 0-0 against Sevilla.

From what I hear, last nights performance was a bad one. Pep Guardiola was not happy, neither was the hero of the night and now the player with the most appearances in the Liga in a Barca shirt Xavi.

While the result yesterday was positive the performance was not. So what? and while the performance against Sevilla was fantastic the result was only a draw. again SO WHAT?

Among Barca fans there is a pride of the way this team plays, there is a belief in the tactic, and there is absolute love for the players and the coach. Some Barca fans (this one included) might think that maybe we need to have an alternative plan for defences that are so tight a fly can’t cross the goal line. But that idea of an alternative plan is surly on Pep’s mind and is under development. Personally i have grown to trust him.

Barca might not win every game they play (no team ever does) but they are yet to lose in the La Liga and the Champions League this season. So while semi-fans and fans of other teams feel that Barca is in trouble, I can easily tell them rest assured, Barca is fine and will challenge for titles like it has done in the past and like it will continue to do in the future.

One last note: regardless if FC Barcelona win any title this year on not, this will be to me one of the best teams in the long history of football if not the best of them all. And should another dinner invitation come along on a game night i will still say Oh no!! I missed the Barca Game!!