The occupation is still there and not much is different. Replicating these pictures today is not difficult at all.

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

Photojournalist Robert Croma visited Palestine and Israel in 1988 during the First Intifada and captured a collection of powerful images of life under Israeli military occupation. Although he no longer has access to many of his original negatives, his blown-up contact prints give us a window into the brutality and intimidation, both physical and emotional, endured by Palestinians in both the occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank. Here are some of his best photographs.

Click on the images to open them in new tabs where you will be able to zoom in and appreciate the subtle details of the scenes.

A Throw in Jerusalem

A plain-clothed Israeli security serviceman throws a tear gas canister down a narrow corridor at Palestinian youths in Jerusalem, 1988.

A Mother’s Intervention

A Palestinian mother tries to prevent an Israeli soldier from arresting her son in Gaza City, 1988.


(Uncaptioned, although research suggests that these photographs…

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