I have been reading this book for a while now. Its called “It’s easier to reach Heaven than the end of the street”

I agree it is a long name for a book.

To some the name might give a hint about the subject to others not so much. Either way to make it easier to all, the book talks about Palestine and the occupation.

Its by an Englishwoman called Emma Williams. I have not yet finished the book but I had to stop and make this comment: the paragraph in the picture contains a LIE. Falafel is not israeli dish!! All the zionist occupiers who came to Palestine prior to the Nakba did not know Falafel! This is a case of success for the occupation in which it has managed to steal yet another part of our culture and identity and claim it for itself. This is not the first time that I or any of you have heard or seen these cases of success but the main reason I took note this time is the remainder of the paragraph in which the writer acknowledges the claim of the occupiers to the originality of the dish as israeli!

As a Palestinian while reading the book I am very conscious of the language used by the writer and I realize that coming from an Englishwoman the book is rather objective but not quite. You have to focus to see the subjectivity of the writer slowly creeping in.

The book discusses the writer’s memoir in Jerusalem during the Second Intifada and while the writer stresses the fact of the occupation of the “West Bank and Gaza” she ignores to a large extent the original crime of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and only hints at it. The writer also stresses the grievances of the zionists regarding the “suicide bombings” to a greater degree than the horrors of daily occupation.

While reading you notice zionist complaints being written in the body of the text while the related Palestinian complaint is mentioned in the footnote.

I will not say that the book is completely biased because it is not, but I am also very aware of my feeling that it is a book that could have been a bit fairer to us as Palestinians but then again I did not expect it to be considering most of the world’s view of “Israel” as a legitimate entity while to me it will never be.

I am not sure whether I have made my point clear here but to those of you who know arabic I would recommend that at this point in time you read Mahmoud Darwish’s poem: عابرون في كلام عابر as it comes to mind when i want to say to zionists get out of our lives, our history, our culture and our Land! And leave our Falafel, our Hummos, our Mansaf, our Msakhan and our Kaffiyeh to us!