I wish I can go to my home too. Free Palestine

A Voice from Palestine صوت من فلسطين

A Palestinian woman was denied entry to Palestine last summer because she walked on a Jewish-only street in Hebron.

23-years-old Chicago-born Wedad Yasin entered Palestine in May 2012 with a 3-month Israeli visa on her American passport. She came back home to spend the summer with her family in Ein Yabrood, a village on the outskirts of Ramallah city.

Palestinian-American Wedad was an undergraduate student of Global Studies at Benedictine University in Chicago. Although born and raised in Chicago, she considers Ein Yabrood village, where most of her extended family members live, as her home.

“[Palestine] is home, my history, my culture, and my people,” she insisted.

After her visa expired in September, Wedad was obliged to leave to Jordan and come back in order to renew her visa. Wedad was planning to spend the fall with her family before she heads back to the Chicago in winter to…

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