A movie and it’s experience and joy can be a personal thing. It can be watched alone and still provide a person with fear (if you like horror), fun, suspense and even outright laughing out loud kind of laughter (a sign of madness to some 🙂 ).

But most of the time, people go to the movies in multiples of one for different reasons; some go not wanting to be alone, lovers would go for the hope of sneaking a moment of romance in the safety of darkness, others would go for the purpose of sharing opinions of how good or bad a movie is, or simply for sharing some thoughtless, worry-less time; a break from everyday’s reality with the warm comfort of someone.

For me it’s probably one of the reasons listed above, but there is also that moment that I look for – That moment when I think the movie has reached its crescendo, it’s best moment, and I sneak a peak at the person with me at the movie and if the look on his or her face is a look of happiness, then I have had “the moment”. That moment makes going to the movies amazing.

Tonight I had that moment at the movies. 🙂