Are we going to stay at the Kalouti Mosque forever?

Are we going to ignore the fact that even when we are near the Mosque we lack the numbers to make a difference?

Are we going to claim that “we have done all that we can”?

We constantly clash with members of the public security who are intentionally placed as far away from the embassy as possible to make us a mere nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood and creates an unnecessary extra sense of safety for the embassy that it is more welcome in Jordan than any other embassy (American, British and German Embassies aside… I don’t want to offend the donors 😀 ). Its time to change the strategy… Ooops Reform the strategy. (I hope I did not provoke any C word allergies)

Note: None of the following is new!

Student BDS action and that of activists all over the world is inspiring. To me at least!!

There are many methods that are used to protest for your cause and raise awareness and even, to a higher level, call people to action or deter them from taking one against your cause such as buying products or attending lectures and concerts. Yet Jordanians who are unhappy, to say the least, and angry at best to have the embassy embedded at the heart of our beloved capital use none of those methods.

The video below of students from Michigan State University walking out on an IOF soldier (a term I wish they used in their video rather than IDF) says a lot! Students in the video used silence as a method and made their statement with a walkout.

There are also the flashmobs by activists in stores that sell products manufactured by the zionist entity. Such mobs are regularly stopped by store security, after all you would not expect a store to just accept a call for boycott to one of the products it sells as money has already been invested. But the point is to make a statement not only to the store but to customers as well.

The third method is actually inspired from the Egyptian revolution and the continued Kazeboon campaign aimed at exposing the lies of the ruling SCAF regime which in itself is a mere extension of the Mubarak era. The campaign uses video to expose the lies of SCAF.

As discontent citizens there are many steps that we can take to raise the bar of our action against the disgraceful “peace” treaty we have signed with the zionist racist illegal entity and by extension the existence of it’s embassy in Amman. Below is a list of possible actions that are non-confrontational with the authorities yet achieve the desired pressure upon our government that stems from increased public discontent (I would appreciate any feedback regarding the list and suggested modifications):

  1. Citizen administered BDS list: the list that will have volunteer administrators will be web based for ease of access(there is no web based boycott list for the Jordanian market) and will only list companies and shops that deal with zionist products or have ties or promote ties with zionist parties in all aspects commercial, educational, cultural or even in sports events. Companies and institutions involved in normalization will only be included if the concerned citizen can provide evidence.
  2. On ground boycott call: This method is based on on-ground distribution of flyers and pictures of zionist atrocities in front of companies that fall within the above mentioned list. The stands should be consistent and recurring. The stands should target specific infringements by the company or institution. They should not necessarily be made with huge crowds and should avoid clashing with anyone on site. Consistent infringement will warrant in-store action.
  3. Student Educational Action: through consistent wall displays (removable) made by student activists that educate students about the true effects of the “peace” treaty despite which the enemy threatens our sovereignty on an almost daily basis. The aim here is to increase public pressure and establish the reform of foreign policy as a concern to people.
  4. On Street brief demonstrations: not actual demonstrations but on street removable responsible art that takes no more than 10 – 15 mins. This has the same aim as the previous point.
  5. Once all of the above gains momentum only then is a demand to any government to end the Wadi Araba treaty or reconsider it a viable demand

The above is a useless opinion to some and a call of action to others. I am open to suggestions and even open to complete dismissal of this post as that written by an enthusiastic fool 😀