All through dinner last night I had one thought in my mind despite the nice lady sitting next to me chatting: Oh NO!! I missed the Barca Game!!

That does not usually happen!!! most of the time i am in front of the screen waiting for the magic to start.

Barcelona has been doing wonders week in and week out since Josep Guardiola took over his position as manager. I try to watch every game because it is simply a joy to watch FC Barcelona play the way they do.

Recently everybody has been talking about how Barca make life difficult for themselves and how it has become easy to anticipate their plan and tactic for the game.

Last night Barca won by a very small margin by their standards a 1-0 against Granada. This scoreline has been rare in the past 3 years especially against teams in the bottom of the table. This scoreline comes at the back of an another rare and even harder result against another side from Andalusia, a 0-0 against Sevilla.

From what I hear, last nights performance was a bad one. Pep Guardiola was not happy, neither was the hero of the night and now the player with the most appearances in the Liga in a Barca shirt Xavi.

While the result yesterday was positive the performance was not. So what? and while the performance against Sevilla was fantastic the result was only a draw. again SO WHAT?

Among Barca fans there is a pride of the way this team plays, there is a belief in the tactic, and there is absolute love for the players and the coach. Some Barca fans (this one included) might think that maybe we need to have an alternative plan for defences that are so tight a fly can’t cross the goal line. But that idea of an alternative plan is surly on Pep’s mind and is under development. Personally i have grown to trust him.

Barca might not win every game they play (no team ever does) but they are yet to lose in the La Liga and the Champions League this season. So while semi-fans and fans of other teams feel that Barca is in trouble, I can easily tell them rest assured, Barca is fine and will challenge for titles like it has done in the past and like it will continue to do in the future.

One last note: regardless if FC Barcelona win any title this year on not, this will be to me one of the best teams in the long history of football if not the best of them all. And should another dinner invitation come along on a game night i will still say Oh no!! I missed the Barca Game!!